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You will normally be picked up one hour before the test and have a final practice at each of the manoeuvres. We would also cover all the show me tell me questions and be shown the items under the bonnet of the car that correspond to that part of the test.

We would then go to the test centre about 10 minutes before you test and wait in the waiting room for a examiner to come and call your name   You are now on your own and need to put into practice all what you have been learning.

On the way out to the car the examiner will introduce themselves and then ask you to read a car number plate  from  a distance of 20.5 metres for an old style  number plate or 20 metres for a new style.

You will then be asked 2 of the SHOW ME  TELL ME  questions the list of questions can be found  Here

The driving test is about 40 minutes long and will cover a wide variety of roads. You will also be asked to carry out one of the manoeuvres listed below and possibly the emergency stop.

You will also be asked to do a section of independent driving lasting about 10 minuets.

Reverse parking behind a parked car or into a parking bay.

Reversing round a corner.

Turn in the road.

During the test the examiner will tell you in good time which way to go. If you go the wrong way do not panic the examiner is testing your ability to drive not your ability to follow directions. It is better to go the wrong way correctly than to go the right way incorrectly.

If at any time you are unsure what the examiner requires do not hesitate to check what he or she wants; the examiner appreciates that you may be nervous and will be happy to repeat any instructions or clarify any instructions given.

If you make a mistake on you test, the examiner will mark you in one of three ways.

DRIVING FAULT     You are allowed 15 driving faults and you will still pass the test.

SERIOUS FAULT     One serious fault and you fail

DANGEROUS FAULT One dangerous fault and you fail

At the end of the test when you have stopped the examiner will tell you if you have passed or failed and give you a copy of the test report.

Under the bonnet of a Ford Focus move mouse over image to Enlarge

For more information on the manoeuvres click here

Driving Test
Driving Test