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Areas Covered

Darlington, Croft, Hurworth and Middleton  St George. If you are not sure please E-Mail me or Phone.

The First Lesson

On the first lesson most people who have never driven before are nervous, there is no reason to be.

You will be driven somewhere were there is very little traffic.

The DSA  produce a syllabus of subjects that students must cover while learning to drive. I keep a drivers record that is more detailed than the DSA drivers record. I  will during the course of your lessons go over it with you.

To view a page of the drivers record click   here

The number of  lessons needed to reach the standard required for the driving test varies from driver to driver. Every one learns at their own pace  so it is not possible to say how many lessons any particular person will need

For a look at what will be covered in a lesson on roundabouts  and turning left from a major road to a minor road    click  here


Pupils who have never driven before will on there first lesson be given a work  book.

The book  has been designed to be used alongside your driving lessons and any private practice you may be having.

Click on the Work book Image to View  some of the pages.

The full Work Book is available on line to Pupils when they log on

Lesson Duration

Lessons can be for one hour, one and a half hours or two hours, its up to you.

Start and finish from home, work or any agreed place.

DSA Syllabus

How Many Lessons